Dr. John Schurr D.C. Chiropractor in Rochester, New York

"Welcome to Schurr Family Chiropractic, located in Rochester, New York.  At Schurr Family Chiropractic, PLLC we are dedicated and committed to delivering the highest quality chiropractic care so that you will be feeling your best as soon as possible."
Dr. John Schurr received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Southern California University of Health Sciences.  He grew up in Western New York and is now serving Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas.
Dr. Schurr's mission is to deliver the patient care you deserve and get you in top condition as quickly as possible. 
Dr. Schurr utilizes several different adjusting techniques to perform the proper corrections for his patients. The primary technique Dr. John uses is diversified technique which is a high-velocity, low-amplitude, thrust which restores proper movement, alignment of the spine and improves joint dysfunction. This among other approaches help aid the patient in receiving the highest standard of care possible. 
"I love the fact that chiropractic care often gives people immediate relief." Dr. Schurr shares. "It is so rewarding to hear patients say how I have made them feel so much better. Chiropractic works! It is as simple as that."
To arrange an appointment or get any questions you may have answered please contact us at:
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